Matching you and your soulmate property

Operating since 1969, Apolar is a regional leader in real estate with over 100 branches both in Brazil and abroad. From its consolidated position in the market,in the past few years the company watched the startups ascension. In a digital transformation effort, Apolar selected Matilha Estúdio to tackle a longtime issue: clients who want to use the exchange of goods as part of deals and those who need to buy quite specific properties.

The new search algorithm and process are the result of a series of explorations, discoveries, iterations and workshops, built by many researchers, UX/UIs, developers and clients' hands and minds. What started as an Apolar spin-off, is now about to go live in Apolar's main portal.

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  • ux designer
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  • ux researcher
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  • illustrator
  • algorithm "what-if" guy