Raising the aesthetic bar for a top-shelf decor boutique

Kinta is a decor boutique that offers premium flooring, cladding, bathtubs, kitchen furniture, washbasins, faucets and sanitary ware from the best national and international brands. Despite the finesse and elegance of its products, its carefully architectured and built store and its specialist sales team, Kinta's website was far from premium.

Aware that their website wasn't working, Kinta and its marketing agency poli.d, contacted me for a strategic evaluation and redesign. Dissociated from commercial and marketing strategies, the previous website seemed an improvised to-web-translation of the brand book PDF. With no clear goal, no autonomy in terms of content management and over-abstract content, it didn't at any moment explained that Kinta is a store, let alone present its products.

The new website still presents the store's unique proposal in a conceptual way, but also, presents the store's products, brands, structure, team, contact info, sale process, social proof and so on, in a useful and objective way.

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