Becoming the source of truth on PUBG's esports universe

In mid-2020, PUBG esports America's division got in touch with Matilha aiming to simply create an online calendar for tournaments, presenting the next matches, teams involved and standings.

The esports community, both players and spectators, is one the more loyal and engaged of PUBG's public. Despite putting together enormous tournaments, with huge prize pools and colossal live final events, PUBG esports portals were far from the tournaments' dimensions. Even though PUBG already had two APIs running to support in-transmission information, the previous portal was limited to articles posting, coming from the community itself all the efforts to work with the API's data.

We dug deep on the APIs and after months of intense teamwork and 7 phased launches, the new portal is live, showing not only news and calendar, but also a myriad of stats and extra information, turning PUBG's regionals esports website into the main source of information for fans as well as a showcase for teams and pro-players.

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