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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - or simply PUBG - was the game responsible for disseminating the battle royale genre. Released in 2017 and accumulating over 70 million PC/Console copies sold and over 770 million PUBG Mobile downloads, it is one of the biggest games in the world by any measure.

Despite such numbers, little or no attention was given to PUBG's website. In-house built and maintained, the previous website was a portrait of a company that grown and changed of owner multiple times during such a short time.

Weeks of talks with PUBG's North American board and many more weeks of work later, PUBG's new website is now out to the world.

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  • head of ux/ui
  • ux designer
  • ux writter
  • ui designer
  • ux researcher
  • visual designer
  • CMS consultant
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